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Images by Phil James

Andromeda Galaxy, M31 with M32, M110

Christmas Tree Cluster, NGC2264

Comet 46P Wirtanen

The Moon, Copernicus and Eratosthenes

Crab Nebula, M1

Helix Nebula, NGC7293

Horsehead Nebula and Flame Nebula, NGC2024

Leo Trio, M65, M66, NGC3628

Lunar Apennine Mountains

Pinwheel Galaxy, M101

Whilrpool Galaxy, M51 and NGC5195

Makarian's Chain

Moon, Mare Crisium

Orion Nebula, M42 and the Running Man Nebula, NGC1977

Orion Nebula, M42 showing the 'Trapezium'

The Pleiades, M45

Rosette Nebula, NGC2237

Triangulum Galaxy, M33

Ring Nebula, M57


Eagle Nebula, M16

Trifid Nebula, M20


Swan Nebula, M17


Lagoon Nebula, M8

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